C r i a t u r a M a g i c

The Hood Criatura

“I recently went to see Fei for a tarot card reading. It was honestly an amazing and affirming experience. I was nervous and scared about what I would hear, but Fei helped in communicating what I needed to hear and provided a safe space, which as a queer latinx persxn, that is magical in and of itself.They were thorough and so patient with me and helped me ask the questions I didn’t know I was asking, and the ones I was too afraid to hear the answers to. Our session was really eye opening and empowering, which in all honesty is something I haven’t felt in a long time which really means the world to me.”—TAMMY

“On Monday, July 2nd, 2018, I was able to finally see that happiness on my mother’s face and it was all because of Fei. At first I was extremely nervous for the fact that maybe my mother would find out negative things about herself and then react badly to them.We started the Tarot Card Reading and as we went on, I saw the way Fei would move the cards around, how my mother began to feel more comfortable. She got comfortable and was able to share her stories and how she felt because of the situations. I honestly never saw my mother just spill out everything the way she did and honestly it was just something that made me happy. That energy in that room was just strong and I could tell it was helping her, I could tell she felt something.Luckily, most of the things Fei told us were positive and my mom was happy because of that. After the whole Tarot Card Reading my mom was just happier than ever. I saw that twinkle in her eyes shine brighter than ever and that smile really spread from ear to ear. I can tell something shifted in my mother, something that made her happy, and that made me even happier.I’m really happy that we took this decision to do a Tarot Card Reading with Fei. It opened my mother and I to more opportunities that we were possibly going to leave behind.”- Cecilia Vazquez (Féi’s art student)

“2 de Julio 2018, Yo tube la experiencia por primer vez de poder estar feliz conmigo misma. Cuando primero empezamos estaba nerviosa porque tenia miedo de lo que me iba a decir Fei. Después de empezar me sentí mas a gusto y fui mas abierta y empece a preguntar algunas cosas que me empezaron a dejar sin palabras, porque todo lo iba acertando.Todo salió muy bien y por esa razón yo me quede feliz. Con esa sesión yo pude sentirme mas calmada conmigo misma. Me ayudo en saber que todo va estar bien y que me estaba preocupando por cosas que no son importantes. Después de eso, subio mi autoestima mucho.” -María González (Madre de Cecilia Vázquez)

“Before every reading, I’m anxious and full of doubt and just negative emotions all around. 
But as soon as the cards start getting drawn and fei reads them, a sense of calm and tranquility wash over me. 
The readings give me a sense of direction as well and help me move forward on any plans or doubts i have with my future. The readings also give me a sense of control and assurance with myself and that to me is priceless."–Vicky Silva

“I do Reiki and card readings as much as I can with Féi. The readings are always accurate and has a soft way of telling you the hard truths. Every Session I feel refreshed and informed of changes and healing activites I can do to help the healing process. I am always greatful for Féi's loving guidance. Love & Light.” —Nataly Zarantonello

“I wasn’t looking for help when Féi intuitively noticed something was wrong with my energy so being shocked that he was able to detect something i was trying to suppress i agreed to let Féi conduct a heeling. I have awareness of of chakras and the benefits of meditation but its not something I regularly practice. Fei places his palms on my back and worked to clear my throat chakra as he instructed me in controlled breathing. After, i felt my thoughts were clear/ empty. We continued with more advanced breathing techniques that were somewhat strenuous but left me feeling energetic. The next day i started to feel all the emotions i was suppressing pour out of me and i fell in to a short term depression but it brought clarity to what i needed to do to alleviate the weight of my feelings. After i came out of that depression i felt much better. Féi’s medicine was tough but effective and I’m grateful”-DEZMUNDO

“My first tarot card reading was with Féi and I was really nervous at first, but felt reassured as soon as we started talking. They are very personable, so the conversation leading up to the reading was easy. The space was comfortable and calming , with soft sounds playing in the background.  It was helpful to hear Féi think out loud about the meaning behind each card and what one card could mean in relation to another. I had a very positive experience and definitely plan on going back.”-Gordon Pherribo

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