Every time I have a reading or simply a gathering with Fei, my energy, heart and soul realigns and I feel peace and connected to Universe. EVERY TIME. Fei is magical, kind, real, insightful, hood, and loving. I’m blessed for having them in my life and you will too.
— •Krys Valdez•

C r i a t u r a M a g i c

Féi Hernandez is a reiki master, tarot card reader, a certified akashic record reader, and ancestrally taught limpia de huevo or oomancy practitioner. Their goal as a spiritual counselor is to help you “trust your magic.” féi Hernandez creates a safe, healing haven for others during every session where the client is allowed to be their authentic self unburdened by their trauma.

Originally from the Mexican northern desert valley, féi Hernandez brings the magic of their ancestors to every reading for guidance and protection. Whether it’s channeling, scrying, or intuitively gathering information, féi seeks for the best medicine for you. Through their poetic insight and consultations full of vivid imagery, féi guides their client from a limited imagination to their highest potential. 

Because of their intersectional identity and interdisciplinary approaches, féi is able to be both gentle and hood, loving, yet strict when it comes to take-aways for their client.

Currently féi is working on creating their own tarot deck fully fusing all of their specialties.

The Hood Criatura
My session with féi was so enlightening, organic, fluid, and healing. I was dragged by spirit towards the light, held in my dark, and comforted when needed - all through the beautiful and powerful vessel that is féi. Working with féi was so necessary for my growth all around. The insight and homework received has been so uplifting and inspiring. The messages clear. The love and support real. The connection relatable. féi operates and coexists in so many multi-dimensional planes all at once, the wisdom and experiences held in their soul is so needed in our world. I highly recommend booking your session with them now. You won’t regret it.
— •Oscar Galvan•

“I recently went to see Fei for a tarot card reading. It was honestly an amazing and affirming experience. I was nervous and scared about what I would hear, but Fei helped in communicating what I needed to hear and provided a safe space, which as a queer latinx persxn, that is magical in and of itself.They were thorough and so patient with me and helped me ask the questions I didn’t know I was asking, and the ones I was too afraid to hear the answers to. Our session was really eye opening and empowering, which in all honesty is something I haven’t felt in a long time which really means the world to me.”—TAMMY

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